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On Thurs, 9/10 myself, and my brother & sister had an early dinner. The service was awesome, the food delicious and the drinks were fandamtastic! We had a blast and definetly will be back. Had been before, but take summer offs, so this was the first time we saw the renovations! LOOKS
GREAT!! Sharon
I LOVE the place! The waitstaff is wonderful...in fact, Justin & I will be there tonight! Thanks to Jeff & Paul. Keep the great meals coming!! Selena Gomez
that bartender with the deep voice is the most entertaining person!!!!! Anonymous
Every once in a while we find a great restaurant when we are wandering around..Mariner Grille is Great with a capital G. My wife and I were so impressed with the food and atmosphere. Can't wait to come back. Peter McLaren
The best food in South County . . . Our favorite restaurant! I would love to see more clam dishes added to your specials . . . Zupa or steamers. Jean
The food here is amazing! It is our family's favorite restaurant!!!! Debbie
My husband and I followed the staff from Hansons Landing to the Mariner because of its excellent service and food. What a staff! Whether you're in shorts or suit and tie, you are treated the same and made welcome. We recommend The Mariner Grille to all our friends. Thanks for such a nice place to dine. elaine
Mike is the world,s best bartender!!!! Only problem w/ Mariner's is trying to decide what to order! The menu is the bomb, but then they throw in the daily specials! Erin
Hey guys, how is everybody? I just wanna wish u all very HAPPY NEW YEAR, good times and keep up the good job until I come back. love u all(girls only) lol.
Right now i will give up one of my own fingers for one of your steak sandwiches.
From Armenia Anonymous
Mariner Grille is my favorite! Ask for Christopher as a server, he is a warm friendly lovable guy CJC

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